Vol 2, No 2 (2008)

Table of Contents


Introduction HTML PDF
Gareth Schott 157-158


Using Literary Theory to Read Games: Power, Ideology, and Repression in Atlus’ Growlanser: Heritage of War HTML PDF
Johansen Quijano-Cruz 161-168
Video Game Play Effects on Dreams: Self-Evaluation and Content Analysis HTML PDF
Jayne Isabel Gackenbach, Beena Kuruvilla 169-186
“You Are Dead. Continue?”: Conflicts and Complements in Game Rules and Fiction HTML PDF
Jason Tocci 187-201
A Review of Agent Emotion Architectures HTML PDF
Stuart Ian Slater, Robert Moreton, Kevan Buckley, Andrew Bridges 203-214
Thinking out of the box (and back in the plane). Concepts of space and spatial representation in two classic adventure games. HTML PDF
Connie Veugen, Felipe Quérette 215-239
“We don’t want it changed, do we?” - Gender and Sexuality in Role Playing Games HTML PDF
Arne Schröder 241-256


“Play belongs to Everybody”: An interview with the Ludica Collective HTML PDF
Cindy Poremba 259-285


Mass(ively) Effect(ive): Emotional Connections, Choice, and Humanity HTML PDF
Natalie M. Ward 289-292
Grand Theft Auto IV Considered as an Atrocity Exhibition HTML PDF
Martin Pichlmair 293-296
The 3D Story HTML PDF
Tamer Thabet 297-302

ISSN: 1866-6124