Vol 6, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents


Guest Editorial Preface. Applied Playfulness – 5th Vienna Games Conference (FROG11) HTML PDF
Konstantin Mitgutsch, Jeffrey Wimmer, Herbert Rosenstingl 1-4
Playing for Plot in the Lost and Portal Franchises HTML PDF
Jason Mittell 5-13
Objects of Desire - A Reading of the Reward System in World of Warcraft HTML PDF
Lasse Juel Larsen 15-24
What Makes an MMORPG Leader? A Social Cognitive Theory-Based Approach to Understanding the Formation of Leadership Capabilities in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games HTML PDF
Andrew Ee, Hichang Cho 25-37
Designing a Game for Playful Communication within Families HTML PDF
Ida Marie Toft, Amani Naseem 39-52
Teaching Serious Issues through Player Engagement in an Interactive Experiential Learning Scenario HTML PDF
Henrik Schoenau-Fog 53-70
Urban Games to Design the Augmented City HTML PDF
Vanessa De Luca, Maresa Bertolo 71-83
Designscape – A Suggested Game Design Prototyping Process Tool HTML PDF
Jon Manker 85-98


Skin Games: Fragrant Play, Scented Media and the Stench of Digital Games HTML PDF
Simon Niedenthal 101-131
Geocaching: Interactive Communication Instruments Around the Game HTML PDF
Pirita Johanna Ihamäki 133-152
The Professional Identity of Gameworkers Revisited. A Qualitative Inquiry on the Case Study of German Professionals HTML PDF
Jeffrey Wimmer, Tatiana Sitnikova 153-169


The Winding Road to Discovery: A Review of Gaming Matters: Gaming Matters: Art, Science, Magic, and the Computer Game Medium HTML PDF
Virginia F. Holmes 173-175

ISSN: 1866-6124