The forthcoming edition of Eludamos, Journal for Computer Game Culture ( will focus on the philosophy of computer games. Please send your paper proposals by June 30, 2020.

Philosophical studies on computer games have had a strong decade. Approaches to computer game aesthetics, the epistemology of computer games, or the complex subject-object relations unfolding between players, avatars, image and machine are just some of the characteristic developing strands. From numerous edited volumes – some addressing computer games with philosophy, others trying to look at them as philosophy – to the International Conference on the Philosophy of Computer Games, philosophical approaches have opened a path to a theory of computer games that goes beyond traditional disciplinary borders.

With regard to academic practice, however, this refreshingly diverse discourse on the philosophy of computer games is currently still divided into different regional and disciplinary approaches. In order to make visible and interconnect the latest developments in this rapidly evolving field, we invite both “senior” scholars in this field and “junior” researchers (of any biological age) to contribute to a special issue of Eludamos. Women and underrepresented minorities within the discourse on the philosophy of computer games are strongly invited to submit abstracts.

Possible topics may include but are not restricted to:

  • Media Aesthetics and Phenomenology (e.g. Philosophy of Perception and (Moving) Images)
  • Ludo-Epistemology
  • Ethics
  • Ontology
  • Subjectivity
  • Digital Existentialism
  • Decision-Theory

Abstracts may be submitted until June 30, 2020 and should not exceed a maximum length of 800 words. In addition, please include a short list of your basic references to existing theories and to works by other researchers. The abstract should give a strong idea of how the full paper will contribute to a philosophical analysis and understanding of computer games. A transparent style with genuine theses and precise arguments is very welcome.

Please send your abstract to (preferred file format: PDF). All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the editors. Accepted contributions will be invited to submit a full paper that will be due September 01, 2020.